About me

I am a multi-disciplinary artist from Argentina, based in Los Angeles but working world wide.

My artistic life started in theatre, specializing in Costume and Stage Design. In 2012 I was candidate for the Trinidad Guevara Award for my work in the play "Pléyades". I  also designed the costumes for Topa in Jr. Express, a Disney Latin America Live Show between 2014 and 2015. That show toured around 20 countries and was seen by over 720,000 people. In Cinema you can see my work in the films Finding Sofia, by Nico Casavecchia and The Submerged Family, by María Alché.
In 2011 I was accepted at the prestigious ENERC (National School for Experimentation and Filmmaking) where I studied Film Direction. 
My first short film "Traviata" was shown in festivals around the world, including VGIK in Moscow and was selected to represent Argentina's Film Industry for special exhibitions in China and New Zealand. My latest short film, "First Tale" premiered at Oregon Film Festival in January 2019.

I also participated in the successful VR experience "BattleScar" as writer and designer of the installations. BattleScar was directed by Nico Casavecchia and Martín Allais and narrated by Rosario Dawson. It was shown in Sundance, Venice, Tribeca, NYFF, LAFF, Raindance and many more festivals.  In November 2018, my VR screenplay "Kairos" was selected to participate in DevLab, a workshop organized by Ryot, Kaleidoscope and Oculus (Facebook).  In 2019 the project obtained funding from CNC in France, for screenplay development. "This Is For You", another personal immersive project, was selected by the Biennale College in Venezia, Italy in 2019, and invited to participate at the Venezia Financial Gap Market. Both projects are in development. 

I take sculpture classes. I love working with clay.